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3 Artworks. Top Right: Johnesia Lucas

Middle: Nancey Price

Bottom Left: Gabriel Diaz

Gallery Opens: 5:30 pm
Artist Talk at 6:00 pm

Sponsored By:
Frazier's Flowers


Collaborative Gallery Exhibition


This show was created to provide an opportunity for marginalized artists to engage our audience in conversations on identity, representation, validation, and history. This exhibition seeks to cultivate a space to celebrate BIPOC narratives and amplify the voices of people of color in Statesboro. It features contemporary artworks across several mediums from artists Gabriel Diaz, D’Antre Harris, Johnesia Lucas, Nancey Price, and Danielle Scott.

January 12 - March 3

Artist statements


Danielle Scott:  I am a self-taught quilter. I started my journey in quilting in July 2020. I started quilting because I think it is a lost art in the black community and I didn’t see anyone that looked like me that made quilts. I also want to pass down quilt heirlooms and how to make quilts to my children so they can share stories for generations to come.

Johnesia Lucas: My fascination with vibrant colors manifests my belief that light brings joy. Bright, energetic and bubby colors enhance the personality of a room. I use oil and acrylic paints to bring life to a blank canvas with excitement and optimism using vivid brights.

Nancey Price: I am a self-taught collage artist, storyteller and writer who appreciates all things Black, Southern, and imaginative. My visual art centers and celebrates Blackness from the fields of rural America to the stars in the night sky. My performance invites you to ponder the significance of lived experiences and my writing gives you a glimpse of my innermost thoughts.

D’Antre Harris: The Pink Series is a collection of self portraits exploring D’Antre’s balance of masculinity and femininity. The drawings are inspired by cartoons, pop culture, American traditional tattoos, sex and psychedelia. 

Gabriel Diaz: My creative work includes painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. My art manifests through a variety of mediums; I use oil, pastel, collage, acrylic, watercolor, ink. My work juxtaposes the beauty and the grotesque by addressing the pain and love I experienced as a child through adulthood. It serves as a commentary on the imbalances of power. As an immigrant in this country for the past 18 years, I have grown as an artist with many opportunities and experiences. I hope my work gives insight and supports my cross-disciplinary practices as well as influencing my work in another abstract, static and dynamic form, to communicate tactile qualities embedded on a flat surface.

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