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The Averitt Center for the Arts is proud of announce the cast and crew for the upcoming production of The Sunshine Boys, which will be performed on February 11-14, 2021 in the Emma Kelly Theater and sponsored by Southern Manor.


Al Lewis: Mical Whitaker
Willie Clark: Eddie Frazier
Ben Silverman: Robert Cottle
Registered Nurse: Eileen Baynes
Nurse: Nichole Deal
Assistant Director: Dearing James
Director/Voiceover: John Parcels 

Understudy for Al and Willie: Brooks Adams
Understudy for Nurses: Justine Taylor 



Co-Director: Ressie Fuller                                Co-Director: Carol Thompson

Stage Manager: Amy Presley                             Costumes: Eddie Frazier

Props: Eileen Baynes

Set designer: Kelly Berry

Lighting/Sound Engineer: Robert Faller

Makeup: Harlie Carter


The Averitt Center for the Arts is proud of announce the cast of the upcoming production of Newsies, which will be performed from March 25-28, 2021 in the Emma Kelly Theater.



Stephen Thomas

Caroline Sawhill

Shanna Haselton

John Wesley Keene

Ally Keene

Shelby Croft

Ella Sobaje

Sosi Sobaje

Benjamin Sobaje

Maddie Herman

Thom Mortimore

Thomas Smith

Charlotte Bridges

Christopher Fowler

Hannah Holton

Katherine Plumber:  Ashley Horton
Jack Kelly: Eric Mims
Cruthchie: Jarron Guy
Davey: Brandon Adams                       


Les: Lola Schwarz

Pulitzer: Christopher William Lyles

Medda: Christie McLendon

Spot Conlon: Macy Norton

Female Ensemble 1 Hannah/Bowery Beauty/Nun: Abigail McMichen

Female Ensemble 2 Nun/Woman/Bowery Beauty: Nichole Deal

Male Ensemble 1 Wiesel/Stage Manager/Mr. Jacobi/Mayor: Stan Haselton

Male Ensemble 2 Seitz: John Oglesby

Male Ensemble 3 Bunsen: John Parcels

Male Ensemble 4 Nunzio/Guard/Policeman/Roosevelt: Brooks Adams




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