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Downtown Statesboro

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Cast Lists


Claire Kennedy and Madison Harvey: Annie

Rachel Elkins: Miss Hannigan

Leah Arnold: Grace Ferrell

Brooks Adams and Hugh Henry: Oliver Warbucks

Brandon Adams: Rooster

Elizabeth Harvey: Lily St. Regis

John Parcels: Drake/Lt. Ward

Tate Miller: Pepper

Shanna Haselton: Duffy

Sosi Sobaje: July

Rylee Martindale-Rushing: Tessie

Gabriela Quirino: Kate

Anna Grace Rollins and Lola Schwarz: Molly

Lucy McGuire: Boylin Sister

Brooks Adams: Mr. Bundles, NYC Ensemble, Brandeis

Hugh Henry: Mr. Bundles, NYC Ensemble, Brandeis

Hadley Campbell: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bert Healy

John Gleissner: Fred McKracken, Cabinet Member

John Arnold: Eddie, Jimmy Johnson, Cabinet Member

Ashley Whittemore: Sophie, Mrs. Greer, Star-To-Be

Stevanee Morgan: Boylin Sister, Annette, NYC Ensemble

Sally Marie Futch: Boylin Sister, Cecille, NYC Ensemble

Stan Haselton: Hooverville Resident, Announcer, NYC Ensemble, Cabinet Member

Nichole Deal: Apple Seller, NYC Ensemble, Servant

Larissa Pires: Hooverville Resident, NYC Ensemble

Peyton Chapman: Hooverville resident, NYC Ensemble

Merrin Chapman: Hooverville Resident, NYC Ensemble

Elsa King: Hooverville resident, NYC Ensemble

Casyn Sikes: Hooverville Resident, NYC Ensemble

Ada Louise Mock: Hooverville Resident, NYC Ensemble

Thom Mortimore: Hooverville Resident, NYC Boy

Nathan Quirino: Hooverville Resident, NYC Boy

Gabriela Beard
Madison Earls
Angelica Halaby
Isabella Halaby
Maddie Hermann
Madison Holmes
Adalia Lane Holtze
Ally Keene
Avery McCoy
Kate Mock
Anna Hayes Polk