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Frequently asked Questions- Answered

General Questions

Who owns the Averitt Center for the Arts/ Emma Kelly Theater?

The City of Statesboro owns the two buildings that house The Averitt Center and the Emma Kelly Theater and leases them to the Averitt Center Board of Directors.

Who makes up the Averitt Center Board of Directors?

The Averitt Center Board consists of a variety of area business professionals and art enthusiasts that volunteer their time, support, and expertise for the organization as a whole.

How many seats are in the Emma Kelly Theater?

The EKT has 359 seats including the balcony seating.

Does the Emma Kelly Theater show movies?

While the EKT has shown many movies in its previous life, its primary use and focus is a live event venue since it became part of the Averitt Center for the Arts.

What is there to do downtown after a show?

There are four restaurants/ bars located within easy walking distance of the Emma Kelly Theater; Tandoor & Tap, Eagle Creek Brewing Co., Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe, and the Bull and Barrell Steakhouse.

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