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The Averitt Center is YOUR community arts center, and auditions are open to EVERYONE. No experience is required. Even if you have never been in a production before, don’t be shy about auditioning. During each season, we have roles of all sizes for adults, teens, and children.

The Wizard of Oz

Direction by Robert Cottle and Joey Hukin


Audition date: Saturday, May 7th

Location: Whitaker Black Box (41 West Main Street)

Time: 10 am - 5 pm

Schedule your audition by emailing averittstagemanagement@gmail.com


Auditions will include:

  • A singing portion - Please bring your music; actors are encouraged to sing songs from the show.

  • A reading portion - Actors will be asked to read for characters.

  • A dance portion - Actors will be shown choreography and asked to copy.



Every role is open to all ethnicities; diversity is important to see on the stage


Dorothy Gale: Lead, Female, Ages 15-25

a strong singer who also moves well on stage


The Scarecrow/Hunk: Lead, All Genders, 18-50

male or female who is also a strong singer/dancer with an "honest" quality, a sympathetic and optimistic friend, lovable and clumsy, must be an excellent dancer, acrobatic skills preferred.


The Tinman/Hickory: Lead, Male, 18-50

singer/strong dancer, charming and thoughtful, a kind-hearted romantic.


The Cowardly Lion/Zeke: Lead, Male, 18-50

singer who also moves well on stage, cuddly actor with excellent comic timing.


The Wicked Witch of the West/Almira Gulch: Lead, Female, 20-60

non-singing actor, vengeful, nasty and hungry for power.


Glenda/Aunt Em: Supporting, Female, 20-60

strong singer, "beautiful, benevolent and beloved," a very maternal figure.


Uncle Henry: Supporting, Male, 35-70


The Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel: Supporting, Male, 30-70


The Munchkins: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 7-15

Featured Munchkins: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 7-15

Flying Monkeys: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 7-15

The Citizens of Oz: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 7and up


33 East Main Street

Downtown Statesboro

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