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Shay Morgan

Dan Larkin was born and raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (right outside of Philly) and moved to Statesboro from Memphis, TN in 2018. Growing up, he was exposed to many different musicians. His mom listened to many singer/songwriters such as James Taylor and Carole King whereas his father listened to mostly classic rock such as The Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Dan has been a singer forever and sang in the church choir with his sisters. Later, he started playing guitar at age 15. His first ever gig was with his first-ever band called Mad Mardigan (which was named after Val Kilmer’s character in Willow) when he was 16. The gig was in the basement of the bass player’s grandmother’s house alongside four to five other bands.


March 1st, 2024

7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20

Members/Military/ First Responders/City & County Employes: $18

Students: $16

Emma Kelly Theater


Sponsored By:

A Series of Performances highlighting ONE gifted individual. The audience shares 90 minutes with an established artist of the community via guest-host interviews, family members, and of course, performances.

Past one series performers 2022-2023

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