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David brinson

David Brinson was born and raised in Twin City
by his parents, Irvin and Laverne Brinson.
Growing up he had one older sister who has since moved to Nashville, TN. After his college graduation from UGA, he worked and lived in Athens, GA. Then a few years later in 1996, he married his love, Christie Blizzard in May. Four years later, the pair were blessed with Brinson's oldest daughter, Chandler. In 2005 after Brinson worked hard to establish his own insurance agency, his wife gave birth to their second daughter, Chloe. They all lived happily in Statesboro and were free to explore their interests while Brinson's business grew. In January of 2011, David Brinson joined a men's choir group called the Sons of Jubal. Throughout the years to come, he traveled with this choir group to perform multiple concerts in places like China, North Korea, Israel, and Jordan. Unfortunately, when Brinson traveled back home, he found out his parents were ill. Later on, in 2016, he sadly lost both of them to their sicknesses. His father was plagued by cancer and passed away in June, while his mother suffered from a blood disorder and passed away in October. Despite all these events, Brinson is still performing and sharing his vocal talents. He was the assistant music director at Twin City First Baptist from 1978 to 1983, then director from 1983 to 1992. He is presently a member of Statesboro First Baptist Serving in the choir at Statesboro First Baptist and Metter First Baptist. Additionally, he is still active with the Sons of Jubal. 

Insurance Business & Education:
-    Graduated from Emanuel County Institute in 1981 
-    Graduated from University of GA in 1985 with a SBA in Marketing and Business Management
-    1989 accepted an offer from GA Farm Bureau for an insurance agent in Statesboro
-    1989 to 2002 worked as an agent for Farm Bureau
-    May 2002, opened my own insurance agency, Brinson & Dixon Insurance
-    2013 changed name of business to Brinson, Williams, & Groomes Insurance due to addition of two partners - Kyle Williams and Delores Groomes (Dickey) 
-    June 2021 moved to Candler County.

image of david brinson posing on black backdrop

Sept 8th, 2023

7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20

Members/Military/ First Responders/City & County Employes: $18

Students: $16

Emma Kelly Theater

Sponsored By:

Brinson, Williams, & Groomes insurance logo

A Series of Performances highlighting ONE gifted individual. The audience shares 90 minutes with an established artist of the community via guest-host interviews, family members, and of course, performances.

Past one series performers 2022-2023

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