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Mel Brooks'

Young Frankenstein

(West End Version) Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.


Act One
In New York, Frederick Frankenstein is ashamed to be a Frankenstein, insisting that his name be pronounced "Fronkensteen" and that he is not a madman but, rather, a scientist. He then lectures his students about the greatest mind of science. After learning that he has inherited his grandfather's castle in Transylvania, he is forced to resolve the issue of the property. As Elizabeth Benning, Frederick's fiancée sees him off, it is clear that their relationship is far from physical as Elizabeth enumerates all the lustful situations from which she is abstaining.
Arriving at Transylvania Heights, Frederick meets the hunchback, Igor, who is the grandson of Victor's henchman. Igor tries to convince him to continue in his grandfather's footsteps. He reveals that he has already hired the services of Inga, a yodeling lab assistant with a degree in Laboratory Science from the local community college. The three join together and hop on a wagon. During the ride to Castle Frankenstein, the doctor becomes more familiar with Inga. When they reach the castle, they meet the very mysterious Frau Blucher. Once inside the castle's main room, Frederick falls asleep while reading Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and dreams that his grandfather and ancestors tell him to build a monster. He is awakened by Inga and, after some unique exploring, they find the secret entrance to his grandfather's laboratory by following the sounds of eerie violin music.
They discover that the mysterious violin player is Frau Blucher, who tells of her past festival games with the late Victor, for whom she was more than just a housekeeper. After reviewing his grandfather's notes, Frederick decides to carry on the experiments in the reanimation of the dead. They dig up a huge corpse with "an enormous schwanstuker." The villagers, meanwhile, gather at the local town hall for a meeting and are instructed to be on the lookout for grave robbers.
Frederick sends Igor to find a brain and entrusts him with the vital organ, but the henchman drops it, surreptitiously replacing the brain with another. Upon Igor's return, Frederick carries out the experiment and brings the creature to life, who goes on an unexpected rampage shortly after waking. The doctor is distressed to find that Igor had provided a different brain. Inspector Kemp and the townspeople come to investigate, pretending to welcome Frederick. Frederick and his employees, however, try everything possible to stall the villagers as Frau Blucher frees the Monster without letting Frederick know. Panic ensues as the monster breaks free from the stage and tramples through the house just as the curtain falls.

Catch our show to find out what happens in act two!

7:30 p.m.

Sunday: 3 pm

Oct 13-16th

Tickets: $25
/ Military/First Responders/City & County Employes: $20
Students: $15
Emma Kelly Theater

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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