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2022 SRAA JuRIED Exhibition

2022 WInners


Best in Show: Lawerance Smith

Roxie Remley Award: Penny Marz

Honorable Mention: Wanda Woodcock

Event Schedule

July 7: Exhibition opens

July 7: Reception 5:30-7:30 PM

Aug 27: Exhibition closes

Aug 29-Sept 2: Pickup of hand-delivered work: 10am-4pm

Theme: Light And Color


For centuries artists have utilized light and color, in the words of Henry Purcell, “to charm the senses and captivate the mind.” Light is our primary tool for perceiving and understanding the world around us. Light allows us to appreciate the world through shape and form, evoking emotions. Color derives from the spectrum of light interacting in our eyes.

Artists are encouraged to explore how light and color influence and transform their art.

2022 Gallery

Elizabeth Whatley 

Painting: One White Light 


Alice Bennett, Garden Party, watercolor, 16x20, $150 SRAA MEMBER


Alice Bennett, Cotton Botanical, watercolor, 14x18, $125 SRAA MEMBER

Alice Bennett, Autumn Beauty, watercolor, 16x20, $ 250 SRAA MEMBER


Fraser Gianaras, Mardi Gras Cat, Pastel on paper, 16” X 20”, NFS SRAA MEMBER


Fraser Gianaras, Scene in Bonaventure Cemetary, Pastel on Paper, 11 1/2” X 14”, NFS


Barbara Whitlock, Wonderfully White , watercolor, 14 by 18, $200. SRAA MEMBER


Barbara Whitlock, Yummy, watercolor, 11 by 14, NFS SRAA MEMBER


Paul Whitlock, “Trenton W 2021”. Watercolor , 11 by 14, NFS SRAA 


Paul Whitlock, “Bree’s First”. Watercolor , 11 by 14, NFS SRAA MEMBER


Rebecca Ziegler, "Fiat Lux! (Let There Be Light!)" collage and colored pencil, 12"x15",


Cody Thomas, “Monet’s Water Lilies” 


Wanda Woodcock, If Oaks Could Talk, Oil Painting, Dimensions 30x40 SRAA MEMBER


Wanda Woodcock, Path at Tybee, Oil Paint, Dimensions 28x22 SRAA MEMBER


Wanda Woodcock, Sweet Light, Watercolor, Dimensions 29x32 SRAA MEMBER  


Laura Godbee, Title: Into the Storm, Media: Acrylic, Dimensions: 20X20X1.5


Laura Godbee, Title: Morning at the Bluff, Media: Acrylic, Dimensions: 19X23X1.5


Christy McNutt, title: Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright, media: Acrylic on canvas, dimensions: 10" x  20" SRAA MEMBER


Penny Marz, Title: “Big Dreams”, Media: oil, Dimensions: framed size approx. 20”x24”, SRAA MEMBER


*Lori Deloach, “Georgia Peanuts”. It is watercolor, 19 1/8” x 25 1/2” framed, SRAA MEMBER


Lawrence Smith, 2021 Linville Gorge; acrylic on canvas; 24" W X 18" H. $1500. This landscape is based

on recollections and a photo from a spring trip to the gorge several years ago. SRAA MEMBER

Lawrence Smith, 2022 Spoonbill; acrylic on canvas; 24" W X 36" H. Not For Sale- Collection of Debra

Chester. This painting is my enhanced version of a spoonbill on a dying oak tree based on a photo from a

good friend.


Raven Waters, Title: Entrée du Ruisseau ,oil, 16x20 framed 20.5x24.5, SRAA MEMBER


Raven Waters, Title : Mushroom Hunting, oil, 20x16 framed 24x20, SRAA MEMBER


Raven Waters, Title: Tree of Knowledge, oil, 20x16 framed 27x23, SRAA MEMBER


Lori Hurlebaus, "Blooming in the Botanic Garden at GSU", Watercolor and Gouache19"



Lori Hurlebaus, "The Old Gristmill", Watercolor, 22" x 26", SRAA MEMBER


Lori Hurlebaus, "Great Blue Heron Preening",Watercolor,19" x 25", SRAA MEMBER


Becky Woods, "Lucy With a Peach", Watercolor, 14.5 "x 17.5", SRAA MEMBER


Tommy McMillan, Title: Anson Dodge, Media: oil, Dimensions: 26 1/2 x 33 1⁄2, non member


Tommy McMillan, Title: Francis, Media: oil, Dimensions: 20 x 24, NOT Member

Debbie Bailey, Southern Cornfield, acrylic 


Debbie Bailey, South Carolina Sunrise, photo

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