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 May 9 - June 28th, 2024

Steven Lee & Max Alderman 

Gallery Exhibition

About the Artists


Max Alderman has served as an ordained minister for over fifty years, including pastoring 27 of those years in his hometown of Statesboro, Georgia. Dr. Alderman and his wife Rhonda have been blessed with five children and 12 grandchildren. They often become his subjects as he is “painting with light”.   

   He also has written and published over twenty books on theology, which includes a number of Bible commentaries that have been used in Bible colleges and universities. His ministry has given him the opportunity to travel to over 45 countries being involved in Bible crusades and mission work. Wherever he goes, he carries not only his Bible,  but his camera is right there with him.  He studies diligently while preparing his sermons to engage with, and minister to his congregations which are scattered throughout the globe. His photography will reflect where he has been as he is constantly “capturing a portion of God’s creation” in his dedicated travels.   Just as he gives precious time to his studies, in his sermon preparation, he also studies the craft and the art of photography. His latest discipline involving photography is bird photography which requires much skill in learning about the bird and its habitat. 

Stephen W. (Steve) Lee, Jr. is a painter and sculptor. He is a Statesboro native and Statesboro High School alumnus. Steve’s interest in art began as a child and resulted in his desire to major in art. His journey in the arts has had a long and circuitous route. Georgia Southern and the University of South Carolina were where he received his initial training. While at Georgia Southern he studied painting with Roxie Remley. He received a BA from Saint Leo University and an MA from Central Michigan University. He is an Air Force veteran and a retiree of the Federal Aviation Administration. He has been involved in many art projects over the years. Beginning in 2013 he completely immersed himself in art courses at Gordon State College. He studied painting and sculpture with national award-winning artist and art Professor Emeritus Marlin Adams. Steve continues to meet twice weekly with a painting group at the college. He has exhibited at various venues in middle Georgia and has sculptures in a private collection in Atlanta. Steve currently resides in Macon, Georgia.

Gallery Opens: 5:30 pm
Artist Talk at 6:00 pm

Sponsored By:
Frazier's Flowers

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