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Bunyan Morris

Gallery Exhibition

 Nov. 9th - January 5th, 2024

About the Artist


A visual culmination of over thirty years of experience as a visual artist,
published author, and art educator can be viewed in the art of
Echeegeechee Studio artist Bunyan Morris. An outdoor enthusiast, Morris’
ideas are mainly sourced from a lifetime spent in nature and studying its
relationship with humans. “Recently, I have been experimenting with
juxtaposing organic imagery and geometric forms. Encouraging other’s
curiosity and imagination comes from my teaching years. This is cultivated
by creating contrast in color, textures, and forms with repeating elements of
rhythm to create harmony and interest.

Morris’ work in abstract design and his method of spontaneous creation by
painting in the moment is inspired by the works of Surrealists and Abstract
Expressionists such as Juan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Klee. “Art
created by these artists along with works by Jean-Michael Basquiat and
Julian Schnabel plays a large role in the development and execution of my
aesthetic vision.”

He considers himself a multi-media artist. However, gouache, color pencil
and color ink are Morris’ media of focus. Many of the creations are
designed to be hung in any visual orientation. With his works, there is often
no single right side up. In Morris’ paintings, one can immerse themselves in a universe of fantastical subaquatic creatures, colorful geometric forms, and celestial imagery. “My intent is to surround the viewer with wonder, joy and conflict so that they are not just an observer of art, but a participant in a shared aesthetic experience.”

Gallery Opens: 5:30 pm
Artist Talk at 6:00 pm

Sponsored By:
Frazier's Flowers

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