WEEK 4 | JUNE 22 - 26

Call 912.212.2787 to register!

Due to CDC guidance for the operation of Summer Camps during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a limit of 20 persons (campers and instructors) per space.


9am-12pm | ages 7-11 | Grande @ West Main | Elizabeth McCooey

In this musical theater dance camp, we will explore different styles of dance in musical theater through the ages from Fosse to soft shoe tap. This is an excellent opportunity to get exposure to the most fun part of musical theater - dance! Wear comfortable clothes to move in because we will be moving a lot! Even though we will be exploring styles of tap, no tap shoes are required. Jazz shoes are preferable but not required- if you don’t own dance shoes, sneakers will suffice. Musical theater is all about expression and telling a story through your movements, so come in ready to tell a story and have lots of fun! The skill level for this camp is beginner. Friday’s Camp Show will be held on June 26 @ 11:30am. Enrollment will be capped at 15 dancers.


9am-12pm | ages 8-12 | 2-D @ the Roxie | Deena Scarborough

Campers will celebrate summer by creating art with water in a variety of fun ways! Campers will have a splashin' good time making lots of art using bubbles, sprays, drips, splatters, watercolors and more! Students are encouraged to bring a towel (and possibly a change of clothes too)! This camp is limited to 20 campers.


1pm-4pm | ages 12+ | Grande @ West Main | Anastasia Brown

This camp will provide dance styles from Broadway to Contemporary including hip hop and jazz technique to increase mobility and choreography knowledge. This camp is designed to teach students a complete and versatile blend of dance movement with specific regard to musical theater. Students who participate in this program will learn to feel confident and comfortable auditioning for and being involved in any theater production. They will know what kind of dance movement to expect and how to leverage their singing, acting, and dancing skills effectively on stage and in auditions. The skill level for this camp is beginner. Students will showcase their talents on the last day of camp on June 26 at 3:30pm. Only 15 musical theater enthusiasts will be allowed to register for this camp.


1-4pm | ages 11-17 | 2-D @ the Roxie | Danielle Brannon

This amazing camp is for students with a budding interest in photography! Students will use their smart phones to complete projects that will sharpen their skills in lighting, framing, color and more!  Projects will be organized in a photo journaling style format that will encourage students to take better pictures of their interests, such as but not limited to: friends, family, hobbies, quotes and of course selfies!  Students will take pictures both in the classroom and during group walks around downtown Statesboro.  Campers will also learn about using social media, and the proper safety measures necessary. Enroll limited to 20 students.


1-4pm | ages 13+ | Classroom @ the Averitt | Brandi Harvey

This camp will give songwriters the chance to learn the fundamentals of songwriting: lyrics, melody, form, and harmonization. This camp is open to new and experienced songwriters, and those interested in learning how it works. This camp is limited to 15 songwriters.


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