Averitt Center Weekly Newsletter

Register Now for 2022 Summer Camps




Monday, May 30 is the opening date for our annual array of Averitt Center Summer Art Camps. During the nine weeks of summer, there are 50+ week-long camps for children ranging from three-year-old dancers to 18-year-old artists. There are even workshops and classes for adults. 


Some of the summer offerings are: Encanto Dance Camp, Minecraft Camp, Painting for Gamers Camp, Clay Academy Camp, Lego Camp, Camp 9 ¾, All About Fabric Art Camp, Ukelele Camp, Mermaids and Pirates Camp, Travel Through Time Art Camp and many more. For a complete list and descriptions of the camps, click here.


Each camp has a maximum number of participants. Please do not wait to sign up! To register, call Tony Phillips at 912-259-9228 or the Main Desk at 912-212-2787. 

Tuition is $125 for half-day camps ($100 for members) and $175 for full-day camps ($150 for members). But, if you register your child or children 10 days or more before camps start, there is a $25 Early Bird Discount per camp.

Barefoot Comedy Returns with Chris Cope



Need a good laugh? Comedian Chris Cope performs in the Emma Kelly Theater on May 26 at 7:30 p.m. to wind up the 2021-2022 season. 

Chris Cope is a born-and-raised Floridian who is now living in Los Angeles. LA has been good to Chris. Over the last five years, he’s appeared on numerous tv shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Grey’s Anatomy. His first comedy album can be heard on XM/SIRIUS radio, as well as Pandora/Spotify. His recent credits include a stellar performance on TBS’s CONAN, the funniest judge on Netflix’s Cooking ON High, and in December, Chris released his Dry Bar Comedy Special called BABYFACE.

So come on out and have a good laugh! Tickets are only $20, $18 for members/military/first responders/city & county employees, and $15 for students. 

Barefoot Comedy is exclusively sponsored by Queensborough Bank and Trust.

Now Accepting Entries for SRAA Juried Exhibition



We are now accepting entries for the 2022 SRAA Juried Exhibition. This year, we have a theme: Light and Color. Using this theme, artists are encouraged to explore how light and color influence and transform their art. All Statesboro Regional Art Association members and non-members who reside in Georgia are welcome to enter their artwork into the jury. There is a $10 entry fee required for members and $20 entry fee for non-members. Artists may enter up to three works (no work will be exhibited which has been shown at the Averitt Center Main Gallery in the last two years). Works must not exceed 48" or 100 lbs and should not be so fragile that public display is potentially harmful to the work or the viewer. And no accepted entry may be withdrawn or sold outside of the show prior to the closing of the exhibition. The deadline to enter your artwork is June 24th. 

Cotton Rose School of Dance at the Averitt Center Presents Alice in Wonderland





Cotton Rose School of Dance at the Averitt Center for the Arts will be performing Alice in Wonderland on June 4 at 7 p.m. in the Emma Kelly Theater. The first half of the show will be filled with Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, and Lyrical dances in an Alice in Wonderland theme. After a 10-15 min Intermission, the second half of the show is the Alice in Wonderland Ballet, which is sponsored by Jim & Betsy Nichols. Tickets are $10. Read below for the synopsis of the ballet:

 Alice grows bored listening to her older sister read aloud from a history book. Alice's sister scolds her, gently but firmly, for her lack of attention. At that moment, Alice dreams of living in a world of nonsense. Just then, Alice sees a White Rabbit wearing a waistcoat and carrying a large pocket watch. The Rabbit exclaims that he is late and he jumps down a rabbit hole. Curious Alice follows the Rabbit and falls down into the deep rabbit hole.

At the bottom, she follows the Rabbit into a large room, but he escapes through a tiny door. The Doorman suggests Alice drink from a bottle marked "Drink me." The contents shrink her to a tiny fraction of her original size. Then maybe she too could fit through the door. But Alice Doesn’t like being so tiny. The Doorman gives her a cookie marked "Eat me." The cookie makes her grow back to her normal size. The Doorman, growing tired of Alice’s questions leaves Alice behind. She begins to cry; she cries so much that she cries an ocean of tears. Onshore, a Dodo bird leads a group of ocean animals in a futile caucus race to get dry. Alice meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee, two silly twin sisters who recite poems including The Story of the Curious Oysters. After sneaking away Alice Stumbles upon a garden of talking flowers. Continuing her journey through Wonderland Alice meets a caterpillar, and he gets upset when Alice sits on his mushroom. He turns into a butterfly and leaves Alice behind without any direction on which way to go. Confused, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat and receives mysterious directions, that lead her to the garden of the March Hare who is celebrating his "unbirthday" with the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse, and dancing teacups. Alice, growing tired of their wackiness, decides to go home. She finds herself lost among the strange Owls of the Tulgey Wood.


The Cheshire Cat reappears and shows her a shortcut out of the forest and into the garden of the Queen of Hearts. Alice meets some playing cards painting white roses red. The White Rabbit announces the arrival of the Queen of Hearts. The Queen invites Alice to watch and enjoy her dancing flamingo. The Flamingo sees an opportunity to get back at the Queen. She trips the Queen and Alice gets the blame placed on her. At the Queen's command of "Off with her head!", the Cheshire Cat appears and causes enough distraction to allow Alice to run away. All the crazy inhabitants of Wonderland give chase. Alice awakens in a field of flowers and realizes Wonderland was all a dream.

Medicine Bottles Needed



We are in need of empty medicine bottles to use in our summer camps. Specifically, over-the-counter aspirin-type bottles. We do not need prescription medicine bottles. Thank you for helping us repurpose and upcycle.

Matt Mogle Exhibition in the Main Gallery



We have a new exhibition in the Main Gallery displaying the augmented, whimsical paintings of Matt Mogle. Recollections will be displayed until June 30th. Read a portion of his artist statement below: 

My current body of work is influenced by the subversive nature of sticker art culture and its roots in the social commentary of street art. Like sticker culture, my paintings include art historical and pop-culture imagery that I unapologetically rip off, alter, and repurpose to exploit generational attachments to nostalgia and construct romanticized narratives and recollections of self. My paintings are stickered with visual fragments of memories to reconcile my present identity with past experiences associated with love, loss, betrayal, and mortality. Like social media personas, these fictional and nonfictional curations form personal mythology.