Due to the social distancing guidelines associated with COVID-19, our Main Gallery is temporarily closed to the public but please enjoy the on-line exhibition that we have prepared.

“My practice incorporates drawings and paintings to produce meditations on power and vulnerability during a time of radical reconsideration of what it means to be an American. Themes of absurdity, disappointment, and conflict are reoccurring through images of childhood, American residential and rural scenes, cryptic gestures, and physical and societal barriers. I treat my own upbringing and ancestry (sperm-bank daughter of a single, middle class mother) as a driving force to investigate the psychological, physical, and emotional separation between people and their communities, between disparate beliefs, between intentions and actions, word and image, and any number of other things that are not quite what they seem or not yet what they’ll become.”


33 East Main Street

Downtown Statesboro

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