Reception: November 12, 2020 | 5:30 p.m.

Christina Lemon

Christina’s work features one-of-a-kind and limited-edition designs in sterling
silver, copper, and enamel. Her “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” thematic brooch
series is inspired by the proverbial phrase “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,” warning
not to disturb a situation in order to avoid trouble or complications. The series
incorporates images and silhouettes combined to create layers of meaning.
Photographic digital decal images selected text and excerpts from letters are
layered with colored patterns.

Lauren Lampe

In this body of work, Lauren visually expresses her thoughts and encounters
with the highs and lows of people coping with mental health issues. Abstracted
figurative forms float in and out of clarity in the work. Her candid thoughts
and methods of expressing love and concern for those who suffer provides an
opportunity for reflection on a subject that touches so many.

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