In this body of work, Lauren P. Lampe and Christina Lemon visually express themselves and their thoughts through the lens of their encounters with technology Digital Intersections. Each piece in the show is evidence of how technology influences their current studio work. This is specifically relevant as both were trained in traditional craft and hand-skills and have come to embrace technology in their

     When the dialog started out for this show, it began as a conversation between two friends/colleagues who were intent on showing their work together. Lauren and  Christina have been friends since graduate school. It was the 90’s when they met and the beginning of the influence of the digital age on hand-crafted objects and techniques. Since then both Lauren and Christina have earned faculty positions,
been promoted through the ranks to professor, and have remained close friends and supportive colleagues. Lauren’s faculty position took her in the direction of teaching the foundations of design, graphic design and typography at La Roche University, in Pittsburgh, PA. While Christina teaches foundations, Jewelry and Metals at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. Throughout their careers both women have continued to work in their fields while embracing new technology and being
life-long learners.

     Cristina’s work features one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs in sterling silver, copper and enamel and mixed media. Fabrication and cold connection techniques are used to construct Christina’s three- dimensional brooch and jewelry forms. The photographic decal images and patterns are created digitally
and either digitally printed or laser cut. The images and silhouettes are combined to create layers of meaning and context.
     Lauren’s series of digital collages evolved out of a 100 day pattern design challenge in which she participated in during this past spring. For this series she scanned sketchbook drawings and manipulated layers of them using Adobe Illustrator software. Many of the collages are layers and layers of sketchbook drawings blended to make bold dynamic compositions.
     Prior to 2020, Lauren and Christina had committed to have a show together. Little did they know that the landscape of the whole world would change in an instant. The stressors that Covid-19 put on the globe also hit home with Christina and Lauren both being single parents and teachers of studio classes that had to be reinvented in an instant. Zoom has become a requirement for work and a household word as well. Fear and anxiety are having to be managed on a daily basis… However, Lauren and
Christina both found that having an exhibition in their future provided guidance and solace in a crazy time. They reached out to one another more often, treasuring the connection, working in their studios, and creating new work. Discussing the show and releasing these artistic expressions are their highlights of 2020. Planning and creating for Digital Intersections provided a welcome relief and joy during these
confusing and unprecedented times. Please enjoy Digital Intersections.


Additional artwork: by Christina Lemon can be found at www.Silvermeadowdesigns.com and Lauren P. Lampe at www.laurenlampe.com

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