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Daytime Rooftop Concert

foster Meeks

feat. Dan Larkin & Tailor Ransom

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Dan Larkin & Tailor Ransom aka "The Lamplighters"

The Lamplighters consist of Dan Larkin and Tailer Ransom.  They originally met in Memphis while attending the same graduate program, playing in a variety of different bands individually, though it wasn’t until they reunited as professors in the philosophy department at Georgia Southern University, that they began playing music together.  While coming from a diverse array of previous projects and genres, their sound coalesced through the process of interpreting familiar songs in a folk/bluegrass style, playing local bar gigs in South Georgia. Realizing that they might be on to something, they decided to try their hands at writing songs with the unanticipated sound that emerged.

Meeting Meeks:

A word from Dan Larkin 

"After finishing up a gig about a year ago, Tailer and I stopped by Eagle Creek Brewery for what we assumed was going ta be our standard end-of-the-night beer. And yet, when Foster Meeks began to play, it was immediately clear to us that we were staying for his whole show.
Foster's music was radically different from what we were expecting to hear that night. His set seamlessly transitioned between energetic bluesy crescendos and commanding silence. After his last song of the night, Tailer and I struck up a 
conversation with Foster, where we learned about his roots here in the Statesboro music scene, and it was decided amongst the three of us that when Foster came back through town on his next tour, we would all play a show together.

October 27th

7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20
/ Military/First Responders/City & County Employes: $18
Students: no discount

Emma Kelly Theater

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