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GSU Youth Booth

Learn more about how our local college is supporting youth art education and creativity.

Finger Painting

Electricity & Outlets

We will have plenty of spaces for artists and creators to set up their white tented booths inside the Statesboro Visitor's Center Market and right outside each side including the back of the building leading towards the wooden bridges. We will also have specific spots marked off in the outdoor paved area in front of the main doors to the market space. 

Artist Accommodations

We want both the public and our artists to enjoy the festival and explore what others have to offer. If you require a break from your booth at any time during the event, we'll have eager volunteer Booth Sitters who can watch your space/work so you can rest your customer service voice, explore fellow artist's booths, 

Arts & Crafts
Kids Painting
School Cones in Class

Thank You Partners!

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