Statesboro Youth Ballet

Statesboro Youth Ballet (SYB) offers a structured ballet education to students of all ages. We emphasize the foundation of classical ballet, which includes placement of the arms, legs, head, and back, to properly develop turnout, muscle strength, and flexibility. Artistic Director Jurijs Safonovs received his dance education in Riga, Latvia, and designed SYB's program with the influence of his Russian style (Vaganova) training. The Vaganova method is proven to create harmony of movement and great expressive range in classically trained students. The most acclaimed stars of ballet, including Baryshnikov, Makarova, Godunov and Korsavina, achieved their excellence while training in the Vaganova technique.demi studio

Ballet, tap and modern jazz classes for boys and girls, ages 3 through adult are available.

Contact the Dance Studio at 912-212-2786.

We have moved into our new studios! Please visit us at our new location 41 West Main Street! (Pictured is our new Demi Studio - come in to see the Grande Studio!)

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Spring Showcase
May 16, 2015  |  7:00 p.m.

From classical to contemporary dance, you will be amazed at the versatility
of the Statesboro Youth Ballet dancers as they present their third annual Spring Showcase.

Meet Our New Instructor

We are welcoming our new instructor, Jana Shivers, to join the team of our talented instructors. Please don’t miss the opportunity to meet Jana in person, and to take her classes during the month of June.

Jana, a native of McDonough, Georgia, has had a wide variety of experience in dance.  She specializes in classical ballet and has worked with renowned artists such as Magda Aunon, Thom Clower, Henry Danton, Laura Alonso, Maria Chapman, Shawn Stevens, Lauren Anderson, Wes Chapman, Bobby Wesner, and many others.  She has danced leading roles in ballets and excerpts of The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Serenade, Galantries and was asked to perform in original works by Caleb Mitchell and Laura Morton.  Ms. Shivers earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and received the Bezelel Award for Artistic Achievement in 2012 by the dance faculty at Belhaven University.


Statesboro Youth Ballet Classes Fall 2014

Creative Movement
3 – 4 year olds

Our youngest students are offered a fun-filled first experience in motion. Through movement, children learn about their bodies, develop coordination, a sense of rhythm, and awareness of the space around them. With a variety of activities, such as musical games, storytelling, and mimicry of our natural environment, children learn to give physical expression to their imaginations, while developing their gross motor skills. Elementary Tap is also introduced in this level.
One day per week • 45 minutes
Fee:. . . . . . $55 ($66 non-members) per month

5 – 6 year olds

Pre-ballet classes awaken the child to music and dance, coordination, and spatial/motor skills. Also introduced are basic classical ballet positions. Children begin to discover more ways of self-expression within a framework of classical ballet.
One day per week • 60 minutes
Fee:. . . . . . $60 ($72 non-members) per month

Beginner Ballet Lessons

Beginner levels are designed to properly introduce and develop the basic skills and knowledge needed for the student's proper development as a dancer. These levels are essential for the correct placement of the body, legs, arms, and even the position of
the head. Students are assigned to these
levels based on their age, prior experience, and skill level.

Ballet Beginner 1 Age: 7 – 8 year olds
One day per week • 60 minutes
Fee:. . . . . . $65 ($78 non-members) per month

Ballet Beginner 2 Age: 8 – 9 year olds
One day per week • 75 minutes
Fee:. . . . .  $70 ($86 non-members) per month

Ballet Beginner 3 Age: 9 – 11 year olds
Two days per week • 180 minutes
$140 ($168 non-members) per month

Ballet Beginner 4 Age: 12 and up
One day per week • 90 minutes
A Beginner 1 class for students ages 12 and up.
Fee:. . . . . . $75 ($94 non-members) per month

Intermediate Ballet Lessons

Intermediate 1
Intermediate levels further develop the ballet technique, focusing on strengthening the body, leg, and arm muscles, and developing the jump, pirouettes, balance, and stamina needed for performing classical variations, and dancing
en pointe. At this level students are welcome
to explore supplemental classes — Jazz, Tap,
and Modern.
Age: 11 – 13 year olds
Two days per week • 3 hours, 30 minutes
Fee:. . . . . $145 ($174 non-members) per month

Intermediate 2
This level continues to develop the ballet technique introduced in previous levels. Increased intensity and speed of exercises are a part of the excitement and mastery offered at this level. Students are expected to have developed enough strength in their legs and the body in previous levels to be able to perform a medium difficulty level of pointe work. Students are introduced to Character Dance at this level.
Age: 12 – 15 year olds
Three days per week • 5 hours
Fee:. . . . $160 ($192 non-members) per month

Advanced Level

Students in this level have reached a profound level of knowledge in classical ballet. In this level the emphasis is placed on expanding the vocabulary of the ballet technique to include all of the grande jumps and multiple pirouettes. Class work stresses the mastery of the pre-professional level.
Age: 14 and up
Five days per week • 8 hours, 30 minutes
Fee:. . . $200 ($240 non-members) per month

Supplement Classes

Students interested in Jazz, Tap, or Modern are welcome
to register in these classes, without being required to enroll in the full Ballet program. They will be evaluated by our faculty and placed into an appropriate level according to their age, prior experience, and ability.

Age: 10 and up
Fee: $44 ($54 non-members)
- or -
$20 + tuition for SYB students per month

Adult Classes

Ages: 16 and up
Fee: $44 ($54 non-members) per month

Ages: 16 and up
Fee: $44 ($54 non-member) per month

Ages: 16 and up
Fee: $44 ($54 non-member) per month

Advanced Ballet “Drop In”

This class is designed for community members who have had extensive ballet training and would like to challenge
themselves in a fun and dynamic environment. Participants should speak with the Artistic Director when deciding to register for this class.

Age: 14 and up
Fee: $11 ($13 non-member) weekly or $20
monthly + tuition for SYB students


For specific course day and time information please look at our current Semester Brochure:

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Private Ballet Lessons with Jurijs Safonovs, Jana Shivers or Mathyn Miller

Private lessons are available for students of any age and level. These lessons are designed to focus in specific aspects of their technique. Available by appointment only.

Meet Our Director: Jurijs Saraonovs

Jurijs Safonovs is the artistic director for the Statesboro Youth Ballet Program. He began his professional career with the Latvian National Ballet Theatre, where he danced for 5 years. After moving to the United States in 2001, he became a principal dancer with Virginia Ballet Theatre, located in Norfolk, VA .


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